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tv   News  ABC  June 4, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> glad to have you here. his daughter is graduating from high school. congratulations to lauren who's off to the university of delaware. >> good for her. >> justin, i know he's been bothering you about the weather this weekend and hoping for nice, pleasant days. will he get it? >> it's hit and miss but at least we made it to the weekend. some of us think monday alone was a five-day workweek. thank goodness that is a distant memory. it's burned in there. talking about burning, we made it to 89 in baltimore. 90 in philly and look at the cooler 83 in ocean city. anybody heading out to the beach getting the benefit of nature's air conditioning and the winds coming off of the cooler atlantic waters. this morning, they are holding at 68 and back towards easton. the warm start under the canopy of clouds with a partly cloudy day. back up to around 90 for our two degree guarantee and chance of an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon and into this evening.
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not as widespread yesterday but there will be more over the weekend. right now, let's see what's happening on the roads. we're looking good on the major roadways. no problems to let you know about on the welt way or the 95 corridor. you can see hardly anybody out there right now on the inner loop headed towards 95. no problems, very light volume. northwest side at old court road with traffic moving very well. all lanes open on 795. here on the southwest side of the beltway, more of our traffic. a couple of accidents around baltimore county and road closure because of fallen trees. i'll have more in a few minutes. back to you. we could know later today whether a plan to stop the oil gushing into the gulf is successful or not. let's look at the live pictures we've been showing you. this is the situation right now. hard to watch. engineers are using robotic instruments to cut the leaking pipe and place a cap on it. bp right now is making no
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guarantees that this will work. meantime, president obama returns to louisiana for his third visit since this crisis began. jeremy hubbard has the latest. >> reporter: bp is placing a cap over the oil well in the latest attempt to control the leak that has been gushing oil into the gulf of mexico for weeks. underwater robots have severed the pipe and it's hard to tell if the cap is fitting well. >> it is an important milestone and in some sense just the beginning. >> reporter: the hope is that the weight of the new steel pipeline will force it tightly over the uneven pipe. however, it may take at least a day to see if this is successful. this new dome called a top cap could force it to the surface. no one is making any guarantees. >> there is always risk. the risk is reduced but there is still risk as to whether or not it will be fully successful. >> reporter: president obama
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will travel to louisiana later today for a meeting with the governors of the affected states as well as local business owners. in an interview with cnn's larry king, he expressed frustration over the situation. >> this is an scamp of where somebody didn't think through the consequences of their actions. >> reporter: the oil has begun to affect wildlife in the wedlands. the louisiana official state bird was now taken off of the endangered species list is now endangered again. >> we're concerned about the future. that's why it's so important not to let it get into the wetlands. >> reporter: the sheen of oil is expected to reach these sandy white beaches within days. jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> that video is hard to watch. if you want to learn more about how maryland is helping the gulf region, head to we have all sorts of information for you there. drowning is the second
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leading cause of death in children under the age of 14. a crofton woman is taking action to help save lives. the conner cares foundation has donated three defibrillators to three pools. the foundation was started by debbie freed whose son conner drowned in a community pool in crofton. >> it's the whole package. i feel like if every lifeguard is cpr certified as well as trained on the use of the defibrillator, drowning statistics will be reduced. we'll reduce the number of annual drownings. it is the second leading cause of death in the united states to children 14 and under and the leading cause of death in 18 states. >> freed says she hopes to donate more device as long with training to other pools over the course of the summer. a consumer alert this morning, parents listen up. mcdonald's is recalling 12 million drinking glasses being sold to promote the new "shrek" movie. the company says the painted designs on the glasses contain
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the toxic metal cadmium. customers who bought the glasses should stop using them immediately. mcdonald's will post all of the instructions on the web spite about what to do next week regarding the refunds. may tag is recalling more than 1 million dishwashers sold between february 2006 and april this year. the company says an electrical failure could spark a fire. to find out if your dish washer is among those recalled, log on to coming up, an amazing story of survivor. a cell phone became her lifeline. what she's saying about the whole terrifying ordeal. you may think twice before putting the pedal to the metal in one state. we'll tell you why. first, let's get a check of the weather with justin berk. the sun is up in a few minutes but we have clouds to
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fight off. at 70, it will be another hot day with isolated storms. more on the weekend outlook coming up. right now, let's go to the mta with curt kroenke. >> reporter: good morning, the 51 bus is bypassing the cold spring metro station. 91 bus diverting southbound at utah and north avenue. the 44 with a diversion at bel air and moravia. the 5, 19 and 21 diverting at utah and franklin. that's due to construction. 120 commuter bus with a ten- minute delay and 54 bus operating 20 to 30 minutes late. light rail, metro, subway all on schedule. for the mta transit team, i'm curt kroenke. we asked real people to film themselves
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. you can enjoy this weekend's weather with the whole family celebrating national trails day tomorrow at patapsco state park. the maryland department of natural resources invites volunteers to help clear, repair and create trails. volunteers must sign up in advance at any r.e.i. store in maryland or you can call this number, 410-465-3287. the event starts at 8:30 saturday morning. participants should wear long
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pants, water, bug spray, sunscreen and sturdy shoes. no flip-flops or sandals. it is 5:40 right now. it should be interesting weather for something like that. we'll have to find out. here's justin berk. >> always a good day to be out on the trails, especially if you are dressed accordingly with all of that bug spray on. check it out, there's the view. a little bit of haze in westminster. and carroll county, we're sitting at 70 degrees this morning. the humidity is not doing too much to the apparent temperature out there. look at this beautiful shot here at sparrows point. can you take a moment and break away from your morning routine and look at that beautiful sky? it's like a bob ross painting. happy little tree right there. 71 feels like 76. the wind out of the southeast. we are going to pile in more of that moisture with just a few isolated showers this afternoon. 90, our two degree guarantee. there will be a better threat of storms this weekend and breaking some of the summer preview heat by early next
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week. more on that coming up. here's kim brown with the traffic. we have reports of a sad little tree in annapolis that is down in the roadway at st. margaret's road and meadow valley drive has that intersection closed at this time as we take a peek at our maps and drive times. this is what we'll see. that's in annapolis so keep that in mind. a couple of incidents around the area, one in baltimore city that has a vehicle into a building, and it is now stuck at utah place and north avenue. another crash reported in nottingham. this one ran off the roadway. an injury accident reported in essex at north marlon avenue and eastern boulevard. northbound 95 only nine minutes from route 100. nine-minute ride from i-70 down to route 32. on the outer loop approaching 95, that will only take you six minutes right now. sherrie johnson has the latest. good morning, sherrie.
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>> reporter: good morning, kim. there's more fallout over baltimore city budget woes. i'll have more on why police and fire unions filed a federal lawsuit. ♪
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15 minute as way from 6:00
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this morning. if you have a contract, you usually have a deal, right? the police and fire unions say the city is now honoring their deal so now they are headed to court. sherrie johnson is here to explain. sherrie? >> reporter: baltimore city's budget woes are heating up even more. the police and fire unions say the city purposely failed to fund the pension system. city leaders are trying to plug a budget hole of about $50 million. if they can't come to an agreement on pension reapartment, the hole will double in size. the city allegedly not only didn't fund the pension system properly but did it on purpose even in years when they had extra money to spend. the lawsuit criticizes attempts by city council to change the terms of the pension plans. mayor stephanie rawlings blake are not commenting. they make the yearly mention payment on july 1st and
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budgeted $101 million for that. the payment should be $155 million. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. new this morning, baltimore police say two of the ten murders in the city over memorial day weekend may be linked to one another. two men or shot to death on friday within minutes of each other and four blocks apart in east baltimore. the rest of the violence is not believed to be related. we're told two of the murders were domestic and several others stem from what a police spokesman called silly incidents that escalated into violence. three years ago, the baltimore orioles brought dave trembley in as their manager. this morning, he may be looking for a new job. a new era for the orioles could begin as early as today. paul? >> reporter: that's right, espn, the baltimore sun and "washington post" are all reporting dave trembley will indeed be let go today prior to tonight's opening game of the
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home stand with the boston red sox. a source for msnbc reports trembley will indeed be fired after the 6-3 loss yesterday to the new york yankees in the bronx and marked the eighth straight loss for baltimore. it struck to a league worst 15- 39 and 6-25 on the road. yesterday's loss ended a three- game sweep and a devastating 0- 6 road trip for baltimore. opposing teams outscored them during that span. the third base coach is expected to be named interim manager. according to the baltimore sun, andy macphail did meet with the team yesterday when they came back from new york on the bus last night and stayed until 10:00 p.m. at camden yards to talk to the manager. some will say dave trembley is the fall guy in this. after all, the orioles' woes are not solely his fault.
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sometimes it's just unfortunate, but you have to get rid of the manager because he takes the fall because you can't get rid of all 25 players. attendance is down and they need to spark a move to make a move. that's what they are doing today. paul jaffe, abc 2 news. 5:48 right now. washington is buzzing this morning thanks to the annual scripps spelling bee. the best young spellers are competing in this. 48 spellers have advanced to the semifinals including an eighth grader from potomac, maryland. they are vying for the spot in the finals tonight, which will be broad right here on abc 2. the winner will receive more than $40,000 in cash and prizes, so good luck to all of those spellers out there. >> it's amazing the words they spell. how does a free doughnut with your morning coffee sound? in honor of national doughnut day, you can enjoy the sweet treats for free.
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dunkin' doughnuts is giving away a free doughnut with any beverage purchase and crisp by cream will be handing them out free of charge. tomorrow, a chance for to you get another sweet treat. friendly's will be handing out one free scoop of ice cream on a cone or dish from noon until 5:00 p.m. at participating locations. this is the third annual free ice cream day. ice cream for breakfast, ice cream for lunch. this is one of those days, right? air quality today goes back to code orange. we increase the pollution, which decreases the quality of being outside. not only for the sensitive groups as we have listed here, but i would suggest just everybody, especially as we head to the middle of the day we start building up the pollutants toward the
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afternoon. with the high heat, limit the outdoor runs and whatever you have planned in and around the baltimore region. towards philadelphia, they have a code orange day as well. temperatures 70 here to 73 philly. a ribbon of clouds overhead. we've seen sun slipping through and we'll get more sun once this passes through. we pump in more humidity and that keeps us with that threat of afternoon storms firing up. the real trigger will be far back to our west. and this frontal boundary will head in our direction and reach us by the end of the weekend. there will be strong and severe thunderstorm as cross the upper midwest. for us, that's probably going to arrive by the end of the weekend. just scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. typical spring stuff. knocking the heat down briefly, keeping us warm and muggy overnight. we hit rewind, repeat and replay on saturday. upper 80s to around 90. more substantial system with that frontal boundary may actually give us a steadier rainfall for at least a few
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hours in sunday. that could hold our temperatures down and a drop in the temperatures for next week. for today, our two degree guarantee. somebody said the thunderstorms are popping up and for tonight, settling back to around 70. we'll pull it back to 88. slightly more clouds because of the humidity and more widespread storms. getting to the lower to middle 80s on sunday. if you've been watching the forecast, you can see the upper 70s returning. delay that until monday. 79 to 80 and monday and tuesday looking fantastic. more scattered showers and staying in the low 80s on wednesday. kim? they were able to pull that vehicle out of the building on utah place and west avenue. police do remain on the scene. still dealing with a couple of crashes with an injury accident at essex and north marlon avenue. that is also a crash westbound white marsh boulevard and perry hall boulevard. checking drive times, looking good around the area. 795 no problems to route 140 down to owings mills boulevard.
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four minutes as you head down forwards the beltway. the 95 corridor is all clean from the riverside parkway towards the tunnels. no problems as you make your way between the beltways as well as you head towards 495. stay with us because we have more of "good morning, maryland." we'll be back right after this quick break. pollen and dust. your hair h but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe free anethe r™. ecnd the pharmacy count no prescptn ne. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. canethr™. ncer ecnd the phmacy count no prescptn ne. ♪ [ domenic ] grew up right here. ♪ really that's about all we ever did is just work and play here.
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a look now at the morning's top stories. a miraculous story of survival from florida. it was 4:00 in the morning and eva had just finished feeding cats and ducks in a park when she jumped in her car. >> i put it in reverse, and the car took off like a bat out of hell. >> the vehicle hit a tree and went into the lake. somehow she managed to grab her cell phone and call 911. those precious moments after the crash, police say she was able to give them an exact location and lead them to her even as the water rose to her chest. and look at this video in massachusetts. police in boston stumbled upon a ton of pot. it happened by accident.
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officers were issuing a warrant to someone else but this guy ran thinking they were after him. so police got a for his apartment and that's when they found 40 bails of marijuana. the 2,000 pounds seized has a street value of $4 million. watch out if you are driving through ohio. the state supreme court has ruled that officers have the right to ticket drivers even if they only think the driver was speeding. one man challenged the law and lost when a cop estimated wees doing 70 in a 50 mile-per-hour zone. >> i'll tell you, they'll ticket you in ohio. >> that's where you are from, right? >> i was there before i came here and they are no joking around on the road. >> you racked up the tickets? >> i did. no, i didn't. stay with us. you may be thirsty and hungry after a workout, but a new study about exercise is telling us why researchers say it may be better to work out on an empty stomach. also, a story of survival.
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imagine being flipped over in your car like this. what may have led to a driver plunging 400 feet into a swampy area. two to three weeks before the wedding, i got sick with a fever and having a really hard time. >> the story of a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and thought motherhood was not possible. all of that changed.
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ing to court -- going to court. don't let your kids it up that "shrek" glass. maybe you were calling in on talk radio demanding that it be done. either way, dave trembley is out. a lot of people want to know if it will change things for the team. a lot of developments to are that story today.


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